Reply To: Questions and Musings About Quantum Reality and Everyday Life

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Aurora Carlson
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Hi Jennifer, thanks for a beautiful post!

I have reflected on your first question. It’s interesting that you see the particle as carrying the wave in latency. I see the particle as a spacetime-bound expression of the timeless, non-local wave. So to me, the wave holds an infinite number of possible expressions (particles) in its potentiality, but not the other way around. So I’m curious what makes you see the particle as carrying the wave in latency. Would you like to explain?

Regarding your reflection about being able to control an outcome, you will find that You Are the Universe discusses this question in terms of:

    what we can change
    what we can not change
    what we sometimes can change

This discussion runs through the whole book actually, and my conclusion is that the closer we arrive to the source (pure consciousness), the more we can change. Yes, we can even not catch that cold (not sure about elections though!) 🙂

I agree with you that the duality “good-bad” is to be avoided if we want to be free of the conditioned mind and access the creative space. But do you think that this is part of a process of evolution, where we learn how to change what seemed impossible to change before?