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Aurora Carlson
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Hi Kent,

I read your comment with much interest and I love the way you connect Dr. Chopra’s reply with the Greek philosophers, Hindu principles, Jung and Maslow.

What drew my attention most was your view on what you call the God principle. You write:

    Stripping everything away, going to the lowest common denominator of being, I believe that there is a God principle that underlies all. Everything, from subatomic particle to galaxy, is driven to seek connection. Subatomic particles connect to form atoms, and by doing so, they reach a higher state, a state of enhanced meaning. Atoms connect to form molecules, thereby attaining a still higher state.

If I understand you right, you see the God principle or Being as a drive to connect and you believe that by connecting, simple forms create complex forms in higher states with enhanced meaning.

I am reminded of the perspective of some scientists, that simple life forms evolve into higher forms and that biological complexity eventually produces mind. Do you share this perspective, and if not, in what way does your perspective differ?

Another question I have is what your view is on the perspective that consciousness is a state of unified existence from where all forms, simple as well as complex, arise, and in which all forms are already fully connected? To put it another way, what if seeking connection is an illusion, as everything is in reality the unified Whole?