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Aurora Carlson
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Jennifer, I read your reply but didn’t have time to answer right away. So I took it with me during the day, and suddenly, in the middle of something, I thought of you and saw us smile together discussing if both drop and ocean are … in consciousness 🙂 Hen or egg, wave of particle… the simple answer is always consciousness. Isn’t it where all of it is?

When you read the book you will see that the authors consider particle and wave to be two different states of the same consciousness. If I have understood them right, that is.

If you come visit and I ask you what you would like to drink, in the pause before you answer… all answers are possible, and they dwell in the potential “space” of consciousness. After you said “tea”, the wave has collapsed, and the “tea” particle is still in the same consciousness “space”, another state of that same consciousness. Matter and mind, particle and wave… as you say, what is the distinction? Maybe of degree of materialization, from gross to subtle?

How can we know what is latent behind the form you ask. I wonder, have you had any experience to help with that question? If so, how would you describe it?