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Aurora Carlson
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Hi again Kent, thank you kindly for your response. I think you will find You Are the Universe interesting, it touches on so many things you bring up here, including the mind as emergent property. It will be nice to discuss the ideas presented by Deepak and Menas with you, and see what you think of them, coming from your perspective.

I remember when I studied Piaget and developmental psychology, arriving at the subject of object permanence I was puzzled. Why? Because Piaget ignored a crucial issue. There is no evidence possible that an object exists anywhere other than in the consciousness of the observer. We simply cannot know if something is objectively out there, outside of our consciousness, because everything we observe is in consciousness.

So object permanence “out there” is a philosophically unresolved issue, at least from the point of view of physicalism. On the other hand, if an object is an aspect of consciousness, then it will present itself again and again as consciousness collapses into that pattern of timespace, energy and matter.

There are scientists who consider that the world is objectively out there, and there are scientists who consider that the world is a projection of consciousness, in consciousness. It’s an interesting discussion… and the very subject of this book and forum! 🙂

Something I wonder about is: when you say that a baby has no mind, do you consider that it has no conceptual structures, or no awareness?

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