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Hi Aurora,

I deeply care about our future generation(s) regardless of where we live, what we do, how much money we have, or what languages we speak. I noticed there are three levels of consciousnesses. Those three levels of consciousness are implemented in those who are not wake yet, partially wake, or purely focused on egos selfish desire or parental/collective ghostly desires. For example, you can see actors on tv and you can detect ( I hope) those who are messing with people’ energies easily. These in progress-recyclable energies are negatively influencing the upcoming generation(s). These in progress negative energies pure desires are simple: protect and prevent harm : one’s collective/ghostly status quo or one’s own ethnocentric interests. I made these constructive judgments on energies based on on my experience with life. Spirituality among with life experience I call it “my” truth is consciously telling that I need to let people know. These unconscious energies also known as unconscious minds are not being nice to people’ subconscious minds. I welcome any constructive debuts.
I follow Deepak because I trust his judgments on many levels of truths. On twitter,some people suggested he is “fraud” I have not meet Deepak in person, but I can tell you he is a genuine, authentic, and humble soul who is trying help all of us around the world. As we know, new ideas and inventions often comes from the United States of America ( not divided).
My spiritual journeys and traveling experiences taught me our natural state, our being is “to be” happy, joyful, and ultimately at peace.

So far I see it as collective-evolution and I am still looking for peace for all; however, on twitter ( energy harvesting place), I see complaining and I am still learning to balance my energy. Energies transmute so this is what I know so far and it changes with collective energies too.

Thank you for writing back,