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Hi Sree,

At this moment, I am deeply saddened that my computer is being monitored- ( what for?) I do not know. Anyway, it is violation of my rights but it is okay.
It all started with ” me” being aware of my consciousness and reality around me. It was not fun to be a labeled as spy when I innocently tweeted, but I realized discrimination towards minority is still existing in the USA. It is human mindset and it is constructed and conditioned by a society ( fear based energy).

My intent is finding ultimate solution for all. I had NDE experience at a doctor’s office after I received immunotherapy shots and I had angelic experience. When I recall my memories, I think I saw two saints and Jesus. Jesus asked me if I accepted him as his Savior which I did and I told him yes. Since NDE and 2 spiritual journeys, my frequency has changed and it has been changing ever sense. Bottom line is death and taxes are real, so why cannot we love one another and live happily until we crossover? I know there are many different dimensions out in the galaxies and universes, and it would be amazing if I just go back to heaven! However, I feel like and obligated to help human species. We are expanding and everything that we receive feels like tho, telepathic these days. I am not sure if it is true for your case, for me I can feel fear based energies and collective energies very easy. Also, I cry too when I feel pain in people. I was labeled as bipolar and all the bad stuff but it is okay, I am forgiving and learning to love all humans. Hey, I am interested in finding about negative energies so we can transmute it. But, I am not sure what are you interest in finding out. I know that fear based energies and discrimination are two deadly energies that we need to get rid off if we want to love one another and save our planet earth.