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Aurora Carlson
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Dear Solongo,

yes, I can feel deep caring for everyone in your words and also in so many of us. I agree with you that we all find ourselves on a continuum from unaware to fully aware, and I find comfort in that realization. No matter whom I engage with and what type of energy they are in, I know that it is the best they can do at the time, and that their world is completely logic to them from where they are looking.

But another realization has helped me even more. Regardless of what type of energy we or others give out, regardless of the thoughts and emotions we are caught up in, it is still all in consciousness, which is that “place” of pure Being. You will see in the book that Deepak and Menas refer to qualia when they speak of types of experience, and they explain so beautifully how these qualia are exaltations of the same consciousness.

This means that qualia, or energies, or feelings – are many, while consciousness is the one, unaffected reality holding and creating them all. I don’t know what name you prefer to use for that peaceful, joyful, all-encompassing inner state, but I understand that you have experienced it. So to me, we are all on a journey of establishing our identity in that state, even while the qualia, energies, feelings, thoughts are storming in us and others on Twitter or anywhere we find ourselves. It is that strong, clear connection that we all seek.

Would you agree?