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Commented in the FB live yesterday (didn’t get to watch it live, so my comment was after the webcast) and Aurora invited me to expand on this thought: Feeling optimistic. These times leave openings for positive connections for *right action* as Buddhist thought conceives the awareness to act consciously with compassion, love and gratitude.

So I live in the Washington, DC area and attended the Women’s March on Washington last Saturday. What an amazing gathering–one of many. I went with one of my sons, his girlfriend and her mom, and a group. I have lived in DC for years, and have never seen such a convocation of people–big, small, old, young, female, male and trans, every nationality, religion (or non-religion as I knew some confirmed atheists who were there). Although we got pretty close to the main stage, we couldn’t really hear any of the speakers. What we did hear were chants, cheers and periodic waves of roaring support and cheering that rippled across the crowd, from the Capitol to the Washington Monument (a long space!) and all the way to the White House. It felt like a “wave of infinite possibility” as a quantum physicist (or I think Menas referred to himself as a field physicist) might describe the phenomenon on the quantum level.

But this was a visible wave of energy. It felt like an opening in the field. Synchronistically, I was watching “The Force Awakens” – the Star Wars with a reunion of the late, great Carrie Fisher reprising her role as Princess Leia – and whoever it was who had gone over to the Dark Side (and I haven’t seen the Rogue movie yet, so please, no spoilers), pledging to stay there, says at one point, “I am feeling a shift towards the light.”

That’s how the march, and all the actions since then have felt to me — a shift in the collective towards the light. It’s certainly not universal, but it is BIG, it is kind and it is unified. And Trump and those pledging to stay in darkness feel like a weak and losing force in this wave.

As a collective field on the planet, the force is awakening. And this is not just a feeling–it’s accompanied by conscious and conscientious action–whether it’s resistance or underground movements (all the new alt-gov Twitter, pro-science and progressive handles popping up with massive followings, even with no tweets yet!) to get the facts out there. After the recent executive action to eban travelers and refugees from certain Muslim countries (note: these are not the ones where Trump has business ventures) from entering the US, even the Pope is speaking out.

I am feeling so energized! Going to Marianne Williamson’s Sister Giant conference this week to engage with more of that collective spirit. Last I heard, there were more than 1,000 people registered for the event here in DC or the livestream. I’m sure that will grow.

We are not going to sleep again, and I think, in some ways, we have Trump to thank. As Deepak pointed out, where there is chaos and darkness, there is also the potential for creativity and intuitive knowing–in us as individuals and (my own feeling about this) in the collective.

Or as the late Leonard Cohen sang, “There is a crack in everything. That is how the light gets in.”

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