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Aurora Carlson
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Jennifer, it’s lovely to read your reply and also to see your profile pic. You have chosen to be a very nice particle! 🙂
I hope that my cup of ginger tea above has made you all aware that we can post pictures here too. Also, remember to push the reply button if you want someone to be notified of your reply. Can be a good thing in our present world of so many possibilities going on at once!

Thank you Jennifer for that wonderful passage from Deepak’s “The Third Jesus”, I love that book and your quote tells it all. I will bring you (show you, make you aware of) what no eye has seen, no hand has touched… that is just like the description found in Vedanta of “fire cannot burn it, water cannot wet it”. It refers to the transcendent presence we experience in meditation, our own presence. It is that which sees, but can’t be seen, touches but can’t be touched.

I think Deepak could have published the whole book with only that sentence in it 🙂 It actually says it all.

As to Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, Sree probably knows more than me about these things, but I see it all more in terms of the creative, upholding and destructive/renewing aspect of consciousness. When we think of a chicken, the thought is first created, upheld for a moment, and then it bids its good bye and goes back to the realm of all possibilities, as the well-behaved particle it is.

So why not create and uphold many, many more peaceful, beautiful, harmonious, loving, enjoyable aspects of our world precisely now when so many have fallen into less than pleasant experience? We can do that, consciously. I would say that being the Universe means being able to create the world we wish to experience, by becoming it. Any thoughts about that?