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Aurora Carlson
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Jennifer, these are some awesome questions indeed!

Have you read “Superbrain” by Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi? I will just name a few of the themes in their book as possible answers to your question “How does emerging/emergent/expanding awareness affect brain development and chemistry?”.

– memory loss
– depression
– overweight
– anxiety
– personal crises
– self-healing
– maximum longevity
– making God real

These and more are all aspects that are affected by expanding consciousness, according to the authors.

There are already many studies about all kinds of aspects of mind-body approaches as most researchers call it, but can you imagine how the world would change if this territory would be thoroughly and systematically researched and taught in schools and universities?

From my own experience (Ayurvedic living, meditation and yoga) I know that the well-being of body and mind expands with spiritual expansion. They are simply mirrors of the state of consciousness. This is so important to know, because when the collective field is waving with some new wave of stress, we can consciously remain in peace and help it return to balance.

I’m sure you have experiences about this issue, would you like to share?

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