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Dr. Menas: The question of purpose, which Paashi asked and you answered so swiftly, has troubled me quite a bit. Why is it all the way it is? At the surface levels of reality, I’ve found it immensely useful to ask that question, but as we approach the most fundamental level – differentiation versus oneness – it feels particularly unsatisfying to say it’s just a cosmic play. That’s it? Hey, what’s cosmic play to one could be the abyss of meaninglessness for another! Are we really sure there’s no other explanation? Like an anthill in our world, could our observable universe (with all its complexity) simply be a tiny part of another universe, with a Big Stomp to follow every Big Bang?

On the other hand, I also understand that this need for meaning & purpose behind every action is a very human need. Maybe we (I!) just need to learn that some things don’t admit of a purpose.

Would love to hear other perspectives.

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