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Thank you, Aurora! <3

I see it, so far, as standing in spiritual being, rather than becoming; where, we take responsibility (or the ability to respond to the energies), and learn to work consciously with the energies behind the form. Thoughts are forms which occur from inner causes. We want to work with the causes to transmute (alchemy!) the lesson to its higher aspect or the lesson repeats – hence the cliche, history repeats itself. This is referring to identification…are we unbounded souls or personalities confined to the form? Forms are symbols to be read spiritually for their hidden meaning, like treasures of our unfolding higher-self coming through in various aspects, essentially one with all of the universe. What is lying back of the thought of said chicken?

I think it’s important to ignore what doesn’t matter, and pay attention to what’s immediate to the self. Rather than asking about some other, ask, “Who am I?”

Love and Light,

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