Reply To: How Did We Become Self Aware?

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Aurora Carlson
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Thank you too Trishaham, I am enjoying our chat a lot 🙂
What a beautiful experience! I have never experienced communicating with my ancestors, but on the other hand, I have clear awareness of lives I have experienced “before” this one, and the people involved in them.

My take on that Trishaham… you see, all epochs and all people are experiences in consciousness, right? These experiences may belong to what we see as different times, but we experience them always in the present. We consider some people alive and others as passed, but they are always some type of experience in consciousness. When we do not experience them, they are all in the realm of possibility, and when we experience them, they are in the actuality of our present focus.

So the difference between this life and past life, or between a living person and a passed on person is… flavors of experience. “We” and “them” are all experiences in consciousness. We are passing stories, if you will, bundles of energy and information in the same eternal consciousness.

Consciousness can tune into any type of experience, for example as “a living person” communicating with “a passed on person”. Everything is possible if we tune into it, so to say 🙂

How does this sound to you?