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Thank you for your response to my questions. Sorry for the delay, it took me a while to get back to you. I enjoy what you said, “I know that the well-being of body and mind expands with spiritual expansion. They are simply mirrors of the state of consciousness.”

My experience so far has been that my body is a responsibility (ability to respond to the energies of my body) and entirely made of energy, though I experience it as my body. This is a personal philosophy I’ve developed in the last few years, though a long time in the making from raising my family and protecting my children from unnecessary medical procedures when alternatives work just as well or better – such as learning to avoid mercury in dentistry or changing the environment instead of resorting to Ritalin (an ADHD drug, as you may know).

I happen to be very sensitive and often find ways to cure ailments outside the MD’s office with better results and often have insight about what to do when mainstream medical may not. You probably experience this, too, reading from your spiritual background with Ayurveda, Yoga, and meditation. I think that when we’re locked into a particular paradigm, we close the door to our higher modes of knowing, and since I’m not locked into believing that the mainstream medical paradigm can do it all for me, I’m free to use my intuition.

The struggles I have is that I don’t see the mainstream medical as an all or nothing adventure. There is some great work done there and sometimes bones need mending and hearts need fixing, and our hospitals offer tools for these things. However, I find that we’ve given too much power to medical science, which often doesn’t allow for a patient’s insight into his/her own health and wellness.

Thoughts? <3

Much love,