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Derek Whitney
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Thank you for the opportunity to give a response to your question Menas and Deepak.
I believe that we each and all are Source/the Universe in a unique ‘once in eternity form’ created by ‘ourself’ to gift ourself unique form talents/abilities/gifts/experiences and to live a unique form learning, as experienced via our sense perceptions/thoughts/feelings to Source in a continuing, in every breath, invisible, sensitive, intelligent energy merging/exchange that transpires between us and the one invisible Source that sits behind and within all.

This process of Source form creation and associated experiential learning informs evolution and the scientific evidence that points to same includes the findings of Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Tom Campbell, Bruce Lipton, yourself Menas and others including the recently released French scientific findings of a single cell organism with no brain and no nervous system demonstrating complex memory, affirming that memory may reside in invisible energy that sits behind and within all forms:

I believe 100% that the title and underpinning message of your book points to the truth that we ARE the universe, experiencing and evolving itself forward. It is all a divine miracle, at this point, unable to be proven by science but your collaborative work to merge the ancient wisdom traditions/art/poetry/the underpinning Love truth of most religions and science is helpful in guiding more to the only truth that can not only save us from ourselves, but contribute to the very achievable, but currently elusive realisation of an all co-operating Heaven on what we have named Earth.

Peace, Love, Joy and Namaste

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