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Aurora Carlson
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Hi Jennifer, I fully understand what you say, you kind of describe my journey 🙂 Big congratulations for not being limited to the mainstream point of view, that is how we mothers, healers and in general all of us mainstream-skeptics manage to do things considered “impossible”.

Like you, I have had to take a stand regarding mainstream medicine. I had been teaching Ayurveda for lots of years, pranic healing and had glided into quite some disdain for that aspect of healing, until one day my son fell from a tree he had climbed and cut his forehead. We took him to the ER to have the deep wound stitched (he didn’t want any anesthesia, he was maybe 8 yrs old and wanted to know how it feels to get stiches!) and suddenly there I was, a mom very grateful to mainstream medicine! 🙂

So right that moment I decided to look at it and saw… that we all are the same One doing the doings! Mainstream, alternative, integrative, Eastern, Western and anything in between… who or what is “doing” all these doings if not consciousness, dreaming from its different levels. We are all that same Being and yes, we do have very different points of view and even different motivations. When the motivations are also the same (to help, to heal)… then why would there be any discord left?

So from that day on, I have no more energy knots, as I like to call them, regarding that issue. I guess the karmic load has been emptied, and I am gratefully free of separation. Of course, I still throw my hands up in the air sometimes, seeing what they do! 🙂 But that just balances their eye-rolling whenever they hear what I do!

Does this resonate with you?

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