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I was watching a “documentary” about the sun and solar research on the Discovery channel last night (it’s their Science Weekend – hooray!) and they were talking about the sun as if it were a living entity, e.g., the sun spits out sun spots that unfurl like tight corkscrews suddenly set free), and that our mid-size star will die, causing all life on Earth to go with it.

They also talked about how we see its corona best during a solar eclipse (sidebar question: I dreamt night before last that I was watching a solar eclipse and there were comets flaring and dancing all around the “crown” atop the eclipse made by the moon — this, even though we had a lunar eclipse that same evening–leading to a new question here about whether dreams are part of our co-creation of the Universe? What do you think, Deepak and Menas?), and how that corona is the source of the light that we see on Earth.

So my question – if WE are creating the Universe, is the whole Universe alive and if it is, how does the Universe know itself? I suspect you will say, “Through us.” But if that is true, when our sun dies in hundreds of millions of years and there is no more human life here, unless we’ve managed to find ourselves another Earth-like habitat elsewhere, will there be no more Universe?

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