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Aurora Carlson
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I’m glad that you noticed my question Robin! I was hoping you would 🙂
I agree that we are always in a process of creating new stories. But as I see it, we don’t do that together.
After years of meditation I have realized that the “I” which creates all my stories, all your stories and all stories we share – is not personal.

The “I” feels personal on a certain level, and we all imagine that our bodies, thoughts, dreams, imaginations, hopes, wishes, intentions and actions are separate from everyone else’s, maybe even contrary to others’. But the consciousness holding all these “separate” identities and activities turns out to be seamlessly one if you really observe it. We don’t notice it at first, but the deeper our attention goes, the more obvious it is that it is all arising as one, in the one undivided consciousness. We are used to call consciousness “mine” or “yours” but is it really?

In order to consciously change this wholeness of dreaming/manifesting, we need to be conscious all the way down to the undivided oneness. Only from there will all the activity change in order to give rise to new patterns of emotion, thought and matter including all the seemingly separate people and happenings. If we try to change things “together” we are on a more surface level, and there will always be the question of those who want something else 🙂 But in the fundamental One there is no one else.

This is hard to put into words. But haven’t you ever manifested a free parking space through intention? If yes, then you realize that the entire universe had to move in a way that created that experience? You did not do that “together” with those who left that parking space, or who didn’t occupy it before you, etc. You see? You went to the source, and from there, the experience arose by itself.

Your thoughts? 🙂