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Your response is so beautifully written! I hope your son is fully recovered! My son has a scar on his forehead from an accident requiring an emergency room visit. For years this was his Harry Potter scar, and I think he almost believed it!

During the emergency room visit, while I was thankful for the advancement of modern medicine to patch my child back together with minimal scarring, I was also keenly aware of an indifferent attitude towards him. It was almost as if my son’s feelings about his treatment didn’t matter. We had to be strong advocates! I think my husband may have raised his voice at a doctor for carelessly ripping off a bandage, causing needless tears. There is a distinction between empathy and compassion vs. coddling. I’m accused of the latter, but see the need for empathy and compassion training in our medical facilities.

Your remarks about how your practice is viewed (rolling eyes) by the mainstream also brings it home for me. What’s the attitude? How do we overcome it?

My deepest desire is to co-create a better and more harmonious environment for everyone, where we’re free to independently take care of our basic needs while embracing the many schools, paradigms, and practices available. An intuitive person would go right to what they needed or wanted to find out about, while someone identified with any particular school of thought would overlook the obvious.

It’s lovely having this discussion with you! I appreciate your willingness to bring it through with me.