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Dear Dr. Chopra,

I recently saw an MD at a neurology clinic – more tests, we can’t find what’s wrong, overlooking the care of obvious symptoms, not his specialty, and made a referral to another clinic. Clearly upset by what appeared to be an indifferent attitude towards me, I made my way to the lab on the first floor of the building. The phlebotomist looked at me, and after an exchange of niceties said, “Clear your mind. Wake-up tomorrow and remember its a new day. Yesterday has passed. Whatever happened is gone.” Instantly, I saw the synchronicity in this occurrence and began to reorient myself, where I knew my higher faculties would be available to me to help me see my way through. The best medicine in the least likely of places…

The next day, you posted this video. I was in tears…joyful tears. Thank you, Dr. Chopra.


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