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I appreciate your invoking the example of the Parking Angels, Aurora. Yes, I have seen the Universe to so conspire. But sometimes it doesn’t, and does that indicate a lesser intention, or diminished reality, so that it didn’t manifest? I am not sure this example resonates with me.

What I do think is that what Deepak and Menas are trying to do with this, dare we say, “movement” is to advance the consciousness of consciousness in such a way as to lead the collective to a new paradigm. (I was going to say “thought paradigm” but is that what it is? And if so, does thought manifest as awareness and can it not “infect” or affect the collective?) Then, as the number of us who become the “We” as Universe grows, we may come to a tipping point (usually after it becomes the way of being for 10 percent of the population) where it spills over into a new mode of being. Isn’t this how the Scientific Revolution was seeded in the 19th century? And the Enlightenment? And the Renaissance before that?

Each new stage of consciousness grows out of ONE AWARENESS but flows and becomes more widespread (gains traction) as more and more people come to that way of thinking until, at the 10-percent + 1th person, it becomes the norm. Ken Wilber’s work is a great example of how the stages and levels of human consciousness evolves–or sometimes goes off track. Are you familiar with his latest ebook about what’s gone wrong–and the course correction neede–for our most recent advanced level of development, that he calls green?