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Aurora Carlson
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I am completely in agreement with the view that a new paradigm is happening Robin! And yes, it is about minds accommodating a new way of thinking, and a tipping point.

But if I take one more step back, so to say, if I look from even higher up or deeper down … I see that minds and paradigms shift because of a shift in consciousness. Note that I make a difference between consciousness and thought. A new way of thinking co-arises together with new types of actions and social structures when consciousness has shifted/expanded.

Undivided consciousness gives rise to a multitude of new thoughts and actions in its own being, every time it becomes more self-aware. So to me, it is not about trying to change people’s thoughts, but about awareness of self deepening in more and more people, until it reaches a critical mass within itself. Then a whole population has realized something new about the self.

If this is so, then we don’t need to struggle to change minds (convince, manipulate, etc), instead what we can do is contribute to every person’s process of deepening self-awareness.

How does this resonate with you?

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