Reply To: Readers Ask: How Can We Upgrade the Illusion?

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As someone about to dive into a new coach training course, it sounds exciting! I love the idea of being able to contribute to the deepening of self-awareness in others who are open to that.

In the meantime, I have to share this: part of my pre-course assignment for the course is to read a book called, The Inner Game of Tennis, by a tennis pro, Tim Gallwey. It was first published in 1974 and is ostensibly about learning the game of tennis, but tennis here is a metaphor for learning anything. I was reading a section called “The Theory of Concentration” last night, and here is the section that struck me (and this, I think, to your point about deepening in more and more people):

“Whatever we experience on a tennis court is known to us by virtue of awareness–that is, by the consciousness within us. It is consciousness which makes possible awareness of the sights, sounds, feeling and thoughts which compose what we call ‘experience.’ It is self-evident that one cannot experience anything outside of consciousness. Consciousness is that which makes all things and events knowable. Without consciousness eyes could not see, ears could not hear and mind could not think. Consciousness is like a pure light energy whose power is to make events knowable, just as an electric light makes objects visible. Consciousness could be called the light of lights because it is by its light that all other lights become visible.

“All that ever happens to us, all that we ever do, is known to us through the light energy of what is called consciousness.

“[…] “The light of consciousness can be focused either externally to objects available to the senses or internally to thoughts or feelings. And attention can be focused in a broad or narrow beam.”

So there we have it, an upgrade to the illusion. And through tennis or any other game (and especially the game of life), a way to apply that upgrade to everyone.

Pretty prescient, don’t you think?