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Derek Whitney
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Hi Aurora (& all)

Yes, I agree with you, Deepak and Menas that the ultimate truths lie beyond the current realms of science.
The recent finding of memory in a single cell organism is a helpful pointer to the deeper truths, to which Deepak and Menas’s book speaks.

It appears that understanding the ultimate truth – requires faith as much as it requires thought.
Not faith as in the orthodox religious models – but faith in ‘being and knowing’ of the unlimited Love miracle that sits behind and within all.

Faith in the same Love Source that Lao Tzu, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Socrates, Marcus Aurelius, Patanjali, Rumi, Tagore, Mozart, Beethoven, Albert Einstein, Deepak, Eckhardt Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Mother Theresa and other luminary humans all point to.

Lived, actioned knowing and being of the unlimited, playful, joyful, ageless, beautiful, wondrous, creative, kind, sharing, caring, compassionate, supportive, inclusive, considerate, respectful, encouraging, global Loving Oneness of all.

We can only hold knowing, being and intentioning towards same…living with faith that ultimately, in TAO time, perhaps a world devoid of the non Love actions that seem to serve an eternal purpose carving in ‘the block of wood/species’ that we are, a greater capacity to be Love and that full God/Source/Love realisation can flow on this miraculous planet, before the planet itself passes like a wave in the eternal ocean of timelessness.

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