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Aurora, in response to your questions above, I know that all time is now, all awareness now, all activities in awareness now. So there is no death, as there is no birth. I get that on a philosophical level. In fact, my book that is coming out this spring, Edge of Yesterday is a teen time travel adventure about geek-girl Charley who finds Leonardo da Vinci’s plans for a time machine and, to win the middle school science fair, decides to build it. She discovers something she labels the “Qualia Rosetta” as the key to deciphering the mysteries of time!

I am merely Charley’s amuensis (isn’t that a great word?!), so I have scribed what she tells me to be her story. So believe me, I have spent a lot of time thinking about this, and have begun talking to teen groups about some of the very ideas that Deepak and Menas describe, only in the form of story.

Still, it is different to try to live in that space while embodied in these bodies at this time. I know these are words trying to describe human concepts and are imperfect vehicles to do that. I agree that our real job at this time is to try to deepen our consciousness above, beneath and beyond those limitations. It’s hard!

Another question: How can we hold this awareness in mind while going through daily life with all its potential and occasional frustrations?

Would be interested in knowing how the people in this forum are able to succeed at that–or if not, what gets in the way!

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