Reply To: Readers Ask: How Can We Upgrade the Illusion?

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Aurora Carlson
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So happy for your excitement Robin, best of luck on the new training course!

I love the quote you gave us, beautifully explained, there is that beauty of truth shining from beyond the words. It is prescient maybe, compared to recent times… but it is a resonance of the wisdom expressed already in the Vedas which date from 1200 BC, the wisdom some human beings have surely accessed even earlier during the concept called history.

I would add to the thoughts expressed by your quote that consciousness can be focused not only externally to objects and internally to thoughts and feelings, but most importantly, to itself. Note that consciousness is not the same as thoughts and feelings, those are subjective activities in consciousness, just as words, actions and things are objective activities in consciousness. But to observe and know consciousness itself is true self-knowledge.

This is one of the roles of You Are the Universe, with this book consciousness observes and describes itself, for the purpose of self-knowledge. It’s hard to choose what is best about this book, but I absolutely love the last part where Deepak and Menas describe how consciousness behaves. Humanity has collectively given most of its attention to objective and subjective experience in consciousness, but now it is time to focus on consciousness itself and understand it, and that, I think, is the paradigm shift we have been waiting for 🙂

I wonder how you and everyone will use the self-understanding gained through this new focus in day-to-day life… any thoughts?