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Aurora Carlson
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Hello Derek! I agree with you that the ultimate truths lie beyond science, but I would add that they are beyond everything else. That is if by ultimate truth we mean Being/consciousness itself. It is in its nature to be beyond that which it creates 🙂

I would also say that we should stop believing the myth that science only means materialistic, positivist, reductionist science. That type of world-view has dominated for a while, especially in the domain of natural sciences, and it has left a heavy mark on our educational, financial and social systems. But there are many types of theories in the realm of science and as we see, consciousness science has just expressed itself in a magnificent way in this new cooperation between Deepak and Menas. I’m sure many of us hope that their book will empower all scientists in whatever domain, those who are already researching with openness and curiosity, and that it will at least help those caught in the materialist myth to question their assumptions.

Faith, as I see it, will slowly turn to solid knowing. As soon as a majority of people understand transcendence, know how to transcend, realize what the transcendent realm is, what matter is and how everything really works … there will be no room for doubt anymore. We will finally be living the life we are meant to live, as consciousness fully aware of itself, playing and relating to itself as all of us.

I think that’s what you call Love, isn’t it? 🙂

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