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Aurora Carlson
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Dear Charlie… I mean Robin (haha)… when you say that you know that all time is now, do you know it in an intellectual way? Do you know it like you know what you learned about gravity in school? Or do you know it like the experience of gravity?

When we know something theoretically, we slowly build it into our mental map of the world. But when we discover a new possible self-experience, it instantly lands us in a new world, with new truths and new maps even!

The experience of our timeless self, our unconditioned consciousness, is something that changes everything, the way we think and feel, the way we act and relate, what we prioritize… everything. But most of us come from the old world-view, and when we have a glimpse of this experience through meditation, reflection, love, or any other way there is to transcend, we most often return quickly to the usual perspective. Until the next and next experience of reality, which slowly help us expand and let go of limitations.

It is a process. I have noticed that the more I dive into reality, the less I can deny it 🙂 With it, living as reality becomes the only way and the small and big challenges of life become what they are, the play of the one within the one.

What is most interesting to me right now is to discover how free I am to play consciously within this self of mine. Are there any limitations to my joyful creativity? What do you think? 🙂