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You ask an interesting question, Aurora. I must say, from my current state of consciousness, I “know” this in flashes. When I am engaged in writing and creating, I can sustain that flow for a much longer time than in my daily routine. In fact, when I am in the act of “creating” Charley – or when she is, in fact, dictating to me what she’s up to, I am able to conjure the consciousness of a 13-year-old girl. It is an inspiring experience!

Other times, too, I am able to draw on this meta-consciousness (is that a term?) Often, when I am walking (10,000 steps!), I try to open the vantage point of looking down on myself with compassion for all the worries and unknowing of that woman walking. So I am the seer, seeing and seen. And I have had rare occasions during meditation and other forms where I have been in a truly calm, deep and blissful state. I remember one of my first long meditation experiences, my mind was floating on a golden river. The room and day were both dark and rainy but, with my eyes closed, what I saw was so bright, almost too bright to bear. I was sure the sun must have come out but it hadn’t.

The meditation teacher, who had published a translation of The Upanishads, quoted this when I recounted my experience: “The threshold of reality is veiled by golden light. Reveal it, O Lord, for the guiding purpose of my life is to know truth. O Lord of Light, the knowing one, the golden guardian, giver of life to all, spread apart your rays, gather up your brilliance, so I may perceive your finest and most splendorous nature, the cosmic spirit that lies at your heart. For I myself am That!”

It felt like a truly transcendent state. Ever since that time, I have been, as you say, “seeking to expand and let go of limitations.”

Are you able to maintain that level of consciousness yourself, Aurora, letting go of limitations? I wonder if others are willing to share their transcendent experiences here?

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