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Aurora Carlson
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You describe it so well Robin… the way you can tap into the perspective of “another”, even if in your case it’s a fantasy character, the way you can observe the person called Robin with distance, the way your experience sometimes fills up with the light of pure awareness… yes, I would call those experiences transcendence. I recognize it all from my own journey. I was at one of Deepak’s Seduction of Spirit meditation retreats ages ago when my universe suddenly filled up with a light that was incomparable to anything I had experienced before, and afterwards I went to him and asked if he had pointed a huge lamp at us. He started to laugh and seemed very happy about it, which confused me even more if possible 🙂

I guess most people have transcendent moments and don’t know what it is, conditioned as we are to be “normal” in the materialistic way. But it is normal to transcend, to experience our own being, and it’s really strange that it should take time and effort to de-condition ourselves from the bondage to a personal point of view we were shuffled into right after physical birth.

I experience transcendence nowadays continuously, with short breaks when I contract facing some situation where there is extra strong conditioning, you know- things that deeply scared, angered or saddened me before, which are still unexamined. But everyting moves much slower, it’s easier to let go, and I have understood which self is real. It is installing itself as my sense of self more and more clearly every “day”, with every experience. Subjectively, it is as if an all-powerful sweetness has descended within and around, it is here so intensely that it shines through anything and everything. So the reactions of ego that still arise are bleak and drown in the sweetness that holds them, discreet sighs where there was mad shouting before. And I am smiling a lot and laughing at most things, which is something I try to keep to myself, haha… it kind of bothers the many troubled people around.

I am convinced that many have similar experiences and I’m thinking that maybe it’s time that we communicate about it and see that it’s not that strange at all. It’s normal. It’s who and what we are, and it comes with so many benefits that there’s no reason to ever go back, if we even could. We actually are the universe. The question then becomes- what does the universe want to do/experience as us now?