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Derek Whitney
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Thank you Aurora

Yes, I agree with you, that if and when we could all live from ‘being and knowing’ our true cosmic One Self…an all co-operating Loving Heaven is created.

Ahh and what would be in that space.

Our capacity to ‘be Love’ is so great.
So, sadly at present, is our human capacity to cause harm.
But, I accept, that in the eternal evolutionary time, nature and process of Source/the Universe – pain, itself, is a mechanism for carving in all species, ie: in Our One Self a deeper capacity for Love.

Knowing this and living with awareness of the True Eternal Self – gifts an ability to observe the human lived dysfunction for what it is – but does not diminish the desire that we more promptly/immediately awaken to full Divine realisation so that the pain required to ‘just be Love’ is no longer required – I sense that it may take longer than this form’s lifetime but I am so deeply grateful for the experiential learnings as they come.

Thank you to you, Deepak, Menas and all for this forum and all that is shared.
Hoping to attend any Australian sessions that may transpire to help promote the book and movie (any word on the release date of the movie?) Peace, Love, Joy and Namaste