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Derek Whitney
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Thanks Aurora – the movie I was referring to was the ‘You are the Universe’ movie – is the movie still being released?
Yes there is a growing awakening transpiring, while simultaneous anti-Love actions are also increasing – it is many things to observe it all and the individual challenge is to remain ‘in being’ while doing so, and not to be humanly reactive to each event that transpires.

Jiddu Krishnamuri once famously asked ‘You want to know my secret?’ to thousands of people who had come to hear him speak, then shared with them all this simple, profound guiding wisdom:
“You see, I don’t mind what happens.”

Thank you for your excellent facilitation of this forum Aurora – I enjoy reading your responses and posts very much, as well as all other contributions.

Onwards to global Heaven realisation….do feel blessed to live it daily here in quiet, peaceful, beautiful Lennox Head, Australia where the daily sounds are only of ocean waves, coastal birds and much silence which supports ‘just being and gifts silent, clear, inspired by nature inner knowings’…eternally grateful to the Universe for guiding this form here.

If you, Deepak and any of the team are looking for a special place to offer a nature inspired workshop – please let me know and I’d love to help arrange.