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In the book, Third Jesus, by Deepak Chopra M.D., he writes, “The richness of prayer is twofold, then. It opens you up to a universe that lives and breathes, a universe that can actually respond to the slightest thought. More important, prayers shows you that an intimate connection with God not only is possible, but is the most natural way to live. All fulfillment is from within, because every event begins and ends at the level of the soul (149).

It’s to this…
We know prayer works
In our hearts, minds, and blessed souls.

What we ask for is what’s returned to us.
Every thought, emotion, and action is a prayer
Asking for response or reaction
Reflected in the Universe.

To do the work of spiritual unfoldment
And speed things along
We want to be pure in intentions
Wanting for everyone
what we ask for ourselves.

Jennifer Lasell

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