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Lindsay Briner
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Hi Jennifer,

Beautiful comment and quote from Deepak’s Third Jesus.

In You Are The Universe, I feel that the chapter, Is the Quantum World Linked to Everyday Life? The authors state, “…a thought, like a quantum, has no properties before it pops into existence. There’s no mystery to this if we honor Einstein’s warning that we shouldn’t play games with reality. What physicists called quantum interdeterminacy stands for the fact that quanta can’t be known until the very moment of measurement. The same is true of thoughts, words, human behavior, and the evening news… We project ourselves into everything we experience, not just by observing but by participating in the reality that emerges.”

I think you’re comment in bringing up the concept of prayer is very relevant here. If we are the universe, and we pray to the universe — it becomes a means of being in communion and in communication with the knowing that we are connected to everything, and nothing. Such as, a humble recognition that the nature of reality is more powerful than we know, and at the same time, the recognition that we have the power to influence our reality with intentions, “ask and you shall receive.” With prayer, or intentions, if our will power is strong, our behaviors align with them. This combined with an inner compass of intuition, we can truly create our destiny.

On a larger scale, it seems obvious that our thoughts, feelings, and emotional states translate into how we treat other people, how we treat “things”, and our habitual behavioral patterns. From internal qualia to external physical behaviors and interpersonal exchanges — all of these influence both the collective subjective and objective systems from culture to politics to the ecosystem. Which thereafter influences the even larger systems of how our biosphere interfaces with the sun, our galaxy, etc. The ripple affect is probably much faster than we could ever imagine. Which is why when we “wake up” to these concepts of deep interconnectivity and oneness, often we are driven into more of a spiritual discipline to cultivate a level of responsibility in our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behavior to have a positive influence on the small and large scale.

There is so much to be said about this subject! But I will leave it at that and see what others have to say as well…

Much Love,

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