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Lindsay Briner
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Wow – what a fruitful question and conversation! Thank you Aurora and everyone!

The participatory universe theory suggested by Dr Chopra & Dr Kafatos in YATU reminds me of Jorge Ferrer’s participatory vision for Transpersonal Psychology, suggesting a similar ontological primitive as YATU. Ferrer describes reality as an ocean with many shores. Ferrer offers the participatory perspective to include the possibility of truth in all paths of spirituality or religion or culture, calling this the “Ocean of Emancipation.” Each path, and each individual, can be seen as validly independent from the whole while still being connected to the whole, offering more diversity AND unity at the same time while researching spiritual inquiry and human subjective experience.

I feel this ontological primitive is urgently needed in more and more scientific research institutions, where interdisciplinary collabortion will begin to thrive. Therefore, awakening the scientific systems of thought to recognize that science is in fact a function of consciousness and the more we unify the across disciplines, the closer we will come to a true expression of the nature of reality.

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