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Upgrading frequency as I grow.

Dear Deepak,

What I was interested on Twitter was finding authentic love. In order to figure that out I had to go through lots of personal dilemmas also people from different countries there for what? In my pure sense, they are hacking energies of people like me or You even. Long ago, before I started a year lasted spiritual journey, I learned that having expensive stuff , new shiny, or exciting stuff would not satisfy me. So, in that sense, Being myself is beautiful thing I can do for myself.

Energy harvesting on Twitter is horrible! I think it is great marketing or winning tool for those who are authentic fake. I will watch out for my words but more likely I will leave the chaos and more focus on centering myself and be productive.
Really the issues that we have in 3D- is Ego struggle ( who has better scores or house, or business ideas and such).

I was so happy meditating pursuing my future project for unhooking sad memories then twitter happened, It is okay- I know who I am and world does not end in specific locations ( physical).

Yes, we are universes and galaxies. indeed

love always,