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My definition of wrong, is pain, simply. Sensory and emotional pain. Like the horror of burning alive in a fire – sensory. Or grief/shock over your girlfriend for example, being beheaded. Sorry, for the bad imagery. But I was illustrating the wrongness of pain. Why it shouldn’t exist, anywhere, ever. There should only be neutral and euphoric/blissful.

Think about reality, it’s infinitude, size-wise, and endlessness in time. An infinite number of beings across the multiverse, experiencing tormented/tortured/agonizing/horrific sensory/bodily and emotional experiences. I guess, I can’t see how there’s anything right about that. It feels like it’s just a sign of imperfection. God/ourself is imperfect or helpless to not have all of that be a reality for each of its egos it’s going to live as.

I always think it’s slightly mean of God/the timeless awareness we are, to not give any clue to the innumerable egos/subjectivities it’ll play as that they’re each eternal and everything is one. Instead, at least on this planet, the mass of people live in fear that death is the ultimate end. Doubts that maybe I do just stop forever when I die. So, I think that’s wrong. Every role/actor/mask/personality/ego God wears should at least have a clear sense that they’re eternal.