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Aurora Carlson
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Yes Jennifer, many people mention how synchronous Deepak’s answers can be. That’s only natural if we actually are the one universe 🙂

About keeping track of your activity, here are some tips:

– you probably know that you can check a box every time you create a topic (or write a reply) to be notified of replies. Those emails should all reach you, unless they go to your spam folder, in which case it is good if you add [email protected] to your trusted email senders
– you can subscribe to any topic, subforum or forum. In that way you are notified about all the activity there.
– you can go to your own profile to find a list of all the topics you have started or replies you have written. You can do that for any member, so if there is someone whose activity is especially meaningful to you, that’s the best way to keep track.

If there is anything that you believe would make this forum better in any way, please let me know. We are all creating this space together, for us all. Thank you Jennifer, I too enjoy it immensely, it is a privilege to interact and grow with you and everyone else here!

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