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Your poetry is vibrant and fun to read!

You wrote:

Like a tree becomes a book
You can take the book from a tree
But you cannot take the tree from the book.

I notice in this discussion we talk about all things being in consciousness. I’d say that’s my outlook, too. While we can quote science and speak abstractly about the concept of oneness and all that is within…when you experience it, you know. If the tree ever existed, it still exists in consciousness, and its lines of energy are available. Seers can contact these energies. It’s called Psychometry. Encoded within the book maybe its origin in space-time, the tree…the exact tree.

I remember reading Stephen Hawking’s theory on Black Holes and that information is not destroyed when something travels into a Black Hole – as was once thought; rather, it is encoded in a 2-dimensional hologram. To me, it points to evidence that information is kept in the universe and not destroyed.

A little out there! :)- Tell me what insight comes to you!