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Aurora Carlson
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Hi Perfectionsong!

I really like what you are saying. Thoughts create reality, but they also come from consciousness being identified with this or that object or thought system.
But I would not say that our thoughts are controlled by our identification with an object. I would say that they are filtered through that identification. The control remains with consciousness itself (what you so beautifully call “my self voice”), but consciousness is not free to shift to other thoughts unless it becomes aware of its stuckness, of its conditioned point of view. Wisdom traditions call this “bondage” and they see freedom as the awakening of consciousness to its own status as creator and if you’d like, controller of all thoughts.

I understand what you call your “problem”. If consciousness, in its pure state, is behind all roles, then what reality have the roles of teacher and student? And who are you, who is every “I”? I guess it is about taking the next step out of limitation, don’t you think? Are you comfortable in the role of student? Could it be so that in reality, you are more?