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Derek Whitney
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Do our thoughts create our own reality?

Thoughts are energy. The evidence of this, for those who require it, is to simply look at how equally depleted/tired an accountant is at the end of a day to a construction labourer. Both expel energy in their work, one physically and the other via thought.

All energy is the energy of the cosmos in a unique form.
The Universe seems created for and intent on a cosmic journey towards Love via form experiences.
The evidence of this is that the cells of every form of life on Earth ‘optimally perform when in an environment of harmonious co-operation.’
And human cells attain peak, ageless, vital, enthused, performance when being and sharing true Love with another.

Do our thoughts create our reality and impact the universe?
Yes. Everything is the universe impacting, experiencing and evolving itself.

Every thought that is rooted in Love gifts cellular form flow.
Every thought that arises in fear causes cellular form entropy.

On an individual and species level, thought is a tool that is used to evolve all towards Love. But we, from a human time and space perspective, are taking a long time to awaken to ‘knowing’ this truth and to living in alignment to the cellular flow gifted only from being Love and in the process thinking only Loving thoughts.

I am very grateful for the Love that sits behind and within all that is related to ‘You are the Universe’ and look forward to any Australian launch of same which I would love to welcome and see in Lennox Head, on the most Eastern Point of the Australian coast and where there is a growing community of Lovingly intentioned, nature aligned people growing natural foods, creating unique works of art, a thriving musical scene and generally a sharing, caring, peaceful community, contributing in our own small way to the global awakening required to save humanity, all species and the planet from our unconscious selves

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