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Thank you, Lindsay!

You have amazing things to say about nature of the universe and how we participate in it. <3

Here you beautifully said the following:
Such as, a humble recognition that the nature of reality is more powerful than we know, and at the same time, the recognition that we have the power to influence our reality with intentions, “ask and you shall receive.” With prayer, or intentions, if our will power is strong, our behaviors align with them. This combined with an inner compass of intuition, we can truly create our destiny.

I might add, aligning ourselves so that the response we receive from the universe is in accordance with our highest intention possible, at the soul level of being. This means knowing ourselves and demonstrating that knowing by participating consciously. Participation is more than a single prayer, but the wholeness of being in action at the point of orientation (where we are on the spectrum of spiritual development in time-space orientation); which automatically elicits a reaction (personality) or response (soul or above) from the Universe depending upon if we are participating unconsciously or consciously, respectively. We want to be careful what we ask for and do we really know what we’re asking?

….adding to the importance of a disciplined spiritual practice, such as meditation (in various forms), to get to know oneself, so we can get through this monkey circus unscathed! ;P

Your insight is appreciated!


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