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Greetings to the readers and Dr. Chopra & Aurora Carlson.

I am truly obliged for the broadcast you gave regarding my question about Divinity. Thank you it was highly comprehensive reply!
Sir Chopra, I pondered a couple of videos done by Rupert Spira,as suggested by you.
He is very English so I didn’t have any trouble understanding him since I was partially raised in England.
There is a particular fact he mentioned in one of his dialogue with some fellow, in which he states, “That all there is ☆Knowing☆” in my interpretation what we call awareness. Just the different symbols for the same basic fundamental reality.
I used his information as a way to meditate on everything in my surroundings, perceiving all of it as just a knower. I found myself just as a witnessing Knower in everything, which made it easy for me to live in a total Chaos even. At some point however, skeptics may object that “This fundamental fact may limit the expression of everyday activities as we know we are the Knower so what’s the point of doing anything even?” Does this make sense. Please enlighten us sir.
I remain truly yours.