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Hi Jennifer,
Throwing it out there. Let me know your thoughts.

We can’t put a book back in a tree
Just like we can’t put a baby back into his mother and father
Not in the physical realm anyway

But in the spiritual realm
We can put the book back in the tree
And the baby back into his mother and father
But this would break the laws of nature
Time cannot go backwards
But that depends on how we look at it

The Akashic record to me is the tree of knowledge
It is like the mind of God, the universal mind
Everything there is to know is stored there
And nothing can be destroyed

And I will try to tell you how I see this
And how this came to me
Without using science or abstract thinking

I was watching TV one day
And they were talking about Edgar Cayce
I had never heard of him but was intrigued
So I went to the library and got some books on him
One of the books was about creation
I don’t remember if he mentioned the tree of knowledge
But I do remember thinking
Why did he put that tree in the garden
If he didn’t want them to eat from it
But knowing that they would

So I opened my Bible (KJV) and started leafing through it
For whatever reason,
I began reading in first book of Peter in the first chapter
And as I am reading
I started experiencing like tunnel vision
Like literally being drawn into the book
And as I was reading the 12th verse
All at once I was covered
But at the same time
I felt a rush moving upward inside my body

And when I say covered
It was not something I could see
But I felt it
The moment it hit my head,
And before it fully covered me down to my feet,
The rush moved upward inside me
It felt like I was enveloped
That was just the beginning
Of what I would come to understand

When I was looking in the book for the tree
I became the book, literally
That came from the tree
That came from the earth
That came from the universe
That came from consciousness
That came from myself
Who gave life to the book
That being Jesus Christ
Who lives in the book

Now everything I see is him
Everyone I see is him

I see myself in you
And I see Christ in you
But I can’t tell the difference
Between the three
For I am Christ
And you are me

My vision has been fulfilled
My life has been but a dream
Now I see
What my eyes cannot behold
Glory fills my vision
Christ has come in to his own

If she wouldn’t have eaten from that tree
We wouldn’t be here
No sin, no savior, no story
He put it there for our salvation
And it is happening now

Had she not eaten from the tree
Then she and her husband
And God and the serpent
Could have just lived happily ever after
In the garden

The exact tree is here now
In another form

I hope this makes sense

Love, Krista

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