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Wow, Krista!

It sounds like you had a beautiful and amazing spiritual experience of Oneness in Him. Your poetry really brings it through with the kind of energy that says it all.

As spiritual beings, and as you may have also experienced, we’re timeless and nonlocal. From my experience so far, we can be shown matters on the “inner” planes that seem just as vivid and tangible as they might on the “outer” or earthly planes. Our physicalness is an energetic experience, as Dr. Chopra often says. So, anything can be revealed to us in just about any form you can think of – its energy – and, as energy, is what is behind all experiences. As we are discussing in You Are the Universe, that energy is YOU. 😉

I hope this shines light for you. Love to hear your thoughts.

In Oneness,
<3 Jennifer

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