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Derek Whitney
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Thank you Joanne, Lindsay and Yudesh

I erred in sharing this response in this section and Aurora kindly pointed me to the other section where Deepak asked the specific question that I responded to.

Lindsay, you’re observing yourself is a key strategy in ‘being and actioning life’ in a way that gifts and supports flow.
Unless being chased by a tornado, hungry bear or such like…Fear is best observed, acknowledged then ignored ….allowing Love to light and guide the way.

It is truly amazing how all of the answers that we seek….lie ultimately within. The key to ‘right thought’ is simply to ‘know yourself as the you who is able to observe all thoughts as they arise’ and then to only give energy to those thoughts that are of/from or for Love. paying minimal attention to those that are rooted in fear/judgement etc.

In doing so, we actively and optimally contribute to a more flowing Universe and a more cellular flowing personal form – the ultimate win / win.

Great forum and feel very blessed to live in a place and time that allows daily energy calibrating time in beautiful nature and to engage via modern technology with others similarly interested in being and realising ultimate, divine truths and gifts in this unlimited, miraculous life.