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Aurora Carlson
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Wow Judith, thanks for drawing my attention to this quote from Kent. I think what you are both saying is so important and one of the best ways to realize who we are. We can call it the lowest or highest common denominator, or maybe the deepest common denominator, what we are all saying is that there is a common denominator to us, beyond the perceptional and conceptual layer.

When we meet each other we can either relate from the perception of separation (I am this body, you are that body), or from the conceptual level (I think and believe this, you think and believe that)… OR we can go to the highest/lowest/deepest common denominator, which is the level of unified being. This is the awareness that is aware in and as us all.

We all have access to all these layers but are most often used to relate from the surface. Going deeper in every meeting has been, for me, a great way to see through the illusion of separation and also to help me understand who/what we all are.