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What view on the origin of the universe makes the most sense to you?

In my head, what I perceive as this universe, is our source consciousness, pure positive energy, which is infinite intelligence, and we are experiencing everything as a human experience. So everything we perceive is limited to our senses as the “human experience”. But if you realize that you are this coming and going and everything else you see is also you, you realize that the whole thing is you “happening” in a “forever now”. If you shine light through a prism, it doesn’t change the source of the light, it appears to us as separate colors however they all have always been one to begin with. So as you look out, you’re playing with the different aspects of yourself but limited to this body and mind. If you include quantum entanglement in this, one would realize you never left “home” as you are this point of attraction, broadcasting and receiving. So what we project externally is an internal reflection of our cosmic self to the best that we can currently imagine and perceive ourselves. Since at our core we are consciousness, our origin is infinite and timeless. We are every thing everywhere but also no thing nowhere. I think that our origin as this human universe is only based upon what level our perceived awareness of ourselves is vibrating at. As a new generation is born, and as life is lived, it causes our universe to evolve.. leading to your second question.

Do you consider the creation process of the universe to be in any way connected to your own creativity? Why and how?

Yes. I believe that our universe responds to the law of attraction which is ultimately responsible for it’s evolution. I believe what we broadcast out we attract. If one pays attention, everyday interaction with life reveals this secret to you, that there is literally no separation between your thoughts and experiences that show up in what we perceive as waking reality. What people perceive as deja vu is just reliving the now moment but being unaware that they are creating their own reality. If one were to learn how to shift their point of attraction they could shift their own reality because it’s projected out from us. Each one of us is all that is and all that was and all that ever will be. So as you change your perspective of what we think reality is, you begin to see yourself change. Our own desires and our own creativity literally create the universe around us by how we expect it to be. What most people cannot get past is that, it’s always a new now, because we’re technically a point of attraction and creating what we see, not perceiving it. So when we look out at the world, we reflect on it, and either react, or put solutions towards what our awareness is witnessing. When you are creating something, you focus on the positive aspects, not the negative ones. While you are living and creating, the more you experience, the better you understand what you want, your desires. In that reflection, the evolution of the universe is constant and never ending. This is what is happening to us at this point in time, which should lead us into a golden age, just ego death is really all there is that remains. We will go from being global to cosmic beings.