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Deepak Chopra
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Sean, I’m in a car traveling to LA to tape a show on YATU. Then I fly to Kansas City. I will post a video later in answer to you. Meanwhile here are a few thoughts:

The universe is not a structure, the building blocks of which are bits of matter. The universe is an experience of form and phenomena. Every form is a phenomenon. Every phenomenon is the arising and subsiding of qualities of awareness within awareness. In the human experience of the universe these qualities are sensations, images, feelings and thoughts. They are experiences as mind/body/Universe as a unified activity. Existence itself is not in time. When we extrapolate a Universe before humans existed we do so in terms of human experience and human imagination.

The second part – there is no such thing as an unheard sound. The information on the video recorder is not a sound until it is heard.
There is no sound floating around in the universe waiting for you come come along to hear it. Hearing is sound. Hearing cannot be divorced from a witnessing awareness. Sound is an experience in you as awareness. It is known in awareness and made out of awareness. By “you” I don’t mean your body/mind but the timeless awareness in which body/mind/universe are an evolving process.

Menas Kafatos and I explore Qualia Science in our book.