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Derek Whitney
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Thanks Paul for sharing the simple, profound wisdom of Lao Tzu’s TAO Te Ching.

Deepak & Menas also beautifully merge the ancient wisdom of China, India and Greece with science, religion and great art – which are all pointers to the one ultimate ‘what is’ or truth.

From the formless all form emerges & returns.

The formless is so omnipotently, unlimitedly & miraculously powerful. It contains the ‘lived energetic memory of every dinosaur, tree, animal, raindrop, insect, bird & human that has ever lived.

Exactly how vast the cosmos is, with trillions of galaxies, or the eternal origin of Source / the Universe is beyond our knowing.

To know what was a trllion years ago…or to know what will be a trillion years from now…is beyond thought knowing but we can hold knowing that ‘we’ were always there & that we always will be here now.

We are the Universe of infinite possibility and beyond space and time.

That all 8 billion human experiential learnings are merged into the One is, at present, fascinating as we have become so self harming. Just as Jesus guided ‘God loves nothing more than a returned, lost soul’. As with any individual, so too the entire human Universe can awaken to shedding it’s lived human dysfunction by knowing our divine true identity & realise our immense, unlimited capacity to be, create from, share & experience Love.

As with a single form, so too, the entire universe.

We are omnipresent, breathtakingly beautifully seeking to be Love…and simulteneously, historically & at present causing much pain, which all, in it’s own way is, as Lao Tzu so helpfully guided …’carving in the block of wood’ that we both in individual form and as a species are, a deeper capacity to be, create from, share & experience Love.

I sense returning to our Formless state of unlimitedly peacefully, powerfully, presently, Lovingly just being…will be as living our peak human experiences of Love, in every Eternal now …and there is only joy, comfort, excitement, peace & Loving knowing in that.

There is also positive motivation to do unlimited good while in this we were divinely & uniquely spun from the thread of eternity to be here now and to do so.